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Child Custody Evaluations

Currently, I am not providing this service,  If you feel that I am the right fit for your case, I encourage you to contact me to discuss how this service may benefit you.  Please feel free to contact me at (605) 494-1500 or jilljanecke@gmail.com to seek additional information.

If two parents cannot agree on a custody and visitation plan, they may be ordered to have a mental health expert complete a child custody evaluation.  The child custody evaluation evaluates the family and makes recommendations to the court for a parenting plan that is in the child's best interest.
The evaluation will include gathering information about the family and making recommendations based on the information.  Clinical tools will provide objective, evidence-based recommendations to support the psychological, academic, and safety needs of the child(ren).   The evaluation will focus on the best interest of the child.

The Evaluation includes:

  •     At least, two individual interviews with each biological parent;
  •     Individual interviews with persons in a stepparent role
  •     Interviews with each child at or over the age of six;
  •     Home Visits with each parent, when needed;
  •     Observations with parents and children;
  •     If needed, Psychological Assessments;
  •     Review of records pertinent to the case- including criminal background,police reports,              restraining orders,etc ;
  •     Possible interviews with collateral contacts;
  •     Possible travel and related expenses;
  •     Preparation of a written report;


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