Rising Hope Counseling, LLC - Individual & Family Counseling

Rising Hope Counseling, LLC is a solo mental health private practice that is evolving to a group practice in central South Dakota. The therapist has been providing services for 5 years in Pierre, SD, and has established a quality evidence-based practice.

Have you wanted to be in private practice without the stress that comes with it? Have you wished that you could just do what you are best at, the therapy, and not have all the hassles of meetings that fill your 40-hour week? Have you wished you could make more per hour so you have to work fewer hours per week? This may be the job for you!  Rising Hope Counseling, LLC is seeking a full time clinical therapist to provide outpatient individual therapy to clients in Pierre and surrounding communities.  There may be part time options available as well.  Clinical therapy services include treatment of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Treatment specialties may include: children, couples, trauma, EMDR, etc

Rising Hope Counseling, LLC is providing a unique experience to join a practice that will provide support to build your goals and follow your niche. The practice gravitates to investing in the clinicians by providing professional training and developmental. You will have the ability to be independent - with the endless potential to grow as a professional and financially.

·         Current SD LPC-MH license - or ability to obtain it.
·         Must be available to hold at least 15 client sessions per week, provided such sessions are available and referred/scheduled by Rising Hope Counseling, LLC.
·         Must have at least one niche market for counseling services (i.e. children, teens, trauma, anxiety, grief, anger management, etc.).
·         Current approval as an in-network provider with insurance panels preferred.

Work hours and schedule may vary depending on client and Rising Hope Counseling, LLC needs. Therapist is not guaranteed a minimum number of clients or sessions per week. However, it is expected that therapist will be available to hold at least 15, 20 or 25 client sessions per week, provided such sessions are available and referred/scheduled by Rising Hope Counseling, LLC. Client sessions are held at Rising Hope Counseling, LLC.

Job Duties:
·         Perform on-site clinical counseling services to clients of Rising Hope Counseling, LLC, as scheduled according with company policies.
·         Regular and reliable attendance and timely arrive to work is required.
·         Be properly licensed and abide be all laws, rules, and regulations and codes of ethics that are binding upon or applicable to services performed for Rising Hope Counseling, LLC.
·         Timely complete written records for each client - keeping client records accurate and up to date.
·         Complete intake evaluations, progress notes, treatment plans, and termination plans.
·         Conduct and regulate counseling services in a professional manner so as to maintain and increase the good will of Rising Hope Counseling, LLC.

·         Excellent compensation rates
·         Bonus incentives
·         Long term growth opportunities
·         Excellent training opportunities
·         Consultation
·         Possible room and board
If you are interested in being a part of a group practice, please submit your resume and cover letter to jilljanecke@gmail.com or mail to:

Rising Hope Counseling, LLC
412 W Missouri Ave
Pierre, SD 57501